Sunday, March 06, 2005


There is a lively debate going on at my wife's blog, Doxology, about (guess what?) Bishop Henry and Paul Martin's ability to take communion. There are two posts, here and here. This is also relevant. This is not good news. Tip: Cross Border Blogger Ever wonder what happened too the 'Arab street'? Me too. Christopher Hitchens takes a look under the hyperbole. The Queen, unintentionally funny. Unbelievable. The Rise of Radical Liberalism - a nice summary of how classical Liberalism has turned itself inside out through the embrace of many things, but especially positive liberty and Jean Jacques Rousseau. An honest journalist. It's becoming clear that this idea is going the way of the dodo:
"Honesty and tenacity (and for that matter, the working class) seem to have taken backseats to the sort of 'snappy news', sensationalism, scandal-for-the-sake of scandal crap that sells. This is not a uniquely Tribune or even newspaper industry problem: this is true from the Atlanta mixing rooms of CNN to Sulzberger's offices in Times Square. Profits: that's what it's all about now. But you just can't realize annual profit returns of more than 30 percent by methodically laying out the truth in a dignified, accessible manner. And it's damned tough to find that truth every day with a mere skeleton crew of reporters and editors."
This sounds like an interesting book. Wiegel writes fine columns too. Ales Raus has created a wikki for those curious to know if a given book is "kosher" with Catholic teaching. It's new and does not have many entries yet, but if people chip in, over time this could be an interesting stop. Finally, Trudeaupia is going on hiatus. That's a shame. Kevin Jaeger's blog was part of the Red Ensign group and it was fun place to stop by. Hope we see you blogging again soon!

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