Friday, March 18, 2005

How not to share

Purple Fish Guts (?) shares with us how it is that Christians get a bad reputation in the public sphere.
Do you drink? No Do drugs? No Do you fornicate? Do I what? Do you... you know... have sex? Uhhh... well, I'm married and I have sex with my wife.... so I guess if you call that fornicating... then... Oh... no.... that's okay. (ignores me while he converses with one of his buddies) Well... you need to get right with God. (turns and walks away with his buddy) Yeah.... that's definitely the way to make a good impression on people. I mean... I was already a Christian and they offended me.
Who wouldn't take offense at being approached in such a way? I was one of those who used to think this sort of thing was what faith was all about. This doesn't help anybody. It's a barrier to learning, not an aid. The public isn't stupid and you can't treat them as if they were, even when you disagree with their choices. The first step is to show that you aren't stupid either. Being empathetic is also very good. Doesn't that seem obvious?

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