Saturday, March 26, 2005

Der Blog - verbotten?

This David Letterman Top Ten type list appears to have been done by someone in Germany in response to a rumour that there are more blogs in Iran than in Germany. I have no idea if that's true or not. I do, however, know Germans and German culture and this is funny!
Top 10 Reasons Why Germany has Less Blogs than Iran 10. Humor? 9. Opinionated German bloggers risk being called Na.zis by the irate, deranged and mentally disturbed commenters who lurk in the Blogosphere. 8. People will find out how great Germany is and cause a mass migration of (gasp) foreigners! 7. On the internet, no one cares about someone's Dipl-X or Dr. 6. Blogging is not required. 5. No one famous has a blog yet. Olli Kahn, Boris Becker, Joschka... It all rides on you. 4. Hartv IV cut back on social benefits for DSL. 3. Der Blog, Die Blog, oder Das Blog? 2. Ein-Euro-Jobs don't have internet access. 1. No one can figure out the Neue Rechtschreibung.
From David's Mediencritik via The Last Amazon.

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